Message from the President Mar.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee Mar.2011

Out of the Crisis, but the Emergency Still Continues

On February 14 2011, we were able to announce a upward revision of the forecast for the current fiscal year. We also announced, for the Meitec alone and entire group companies, forecast of achieving goals of our management policy, Self-supporting Corporate Continuation, and our management target, achieving Operating Profits for the Fiscal Year. And on February 22, 2011, the company had agreed with union regarding the restoration of the payroll which was being cut, and made “Declaration of Out of the Crisis”. I would simply like to share and rejoice with entire company that a result of efforts by all employees was shown as the out from the crisis.

But I would also like to share a reminder that “we may be out of the crisis, but the emergency still continues”.

Being under a crisis means that we were facing a danger of the existence of the company. And the “Declaration of Out of the Crisis” means that we have escaped from such condition. But if you look around us, you can clearly see that the surrounding conditions are different from that of before the Lehman Shock. The differences are such movements as the serious effort toward the global sift and cost cutting effort by our customers, which are all severe changes for our business. Also, the world economy itself have not returned to a course of stable growth yet. And we should be aware that 2nd and 3rd Lehman Shock might occur any time again.

But we have learned many things during the past two years of emergency. We have learned that there are many things to be done. And if we can bear them as our true strengths, we are now certain that our company would be much stronger.
We should think that the emergencies are still continuing since the Lehman Shock, and might continue further. And we should keep the tense feelings as means for ourselves to continue learning.

March, 2011