Message from the President Jan.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee Jan.2011

For the 3rd Start-up of the Company

Happy New Year!

I believe that this year would be a major turning point for us as well as for our customers. What I mean by this is that it would be a point which we will turn to take steps for advances for growth instead of dealing with the crisis conditions which we have since the Lehman shock in 2008.

Our major importance during past two years was to confront the crisis and sustain the continuation of our company. We even have experienced critical conditions which could affect the existences of our business when our utilization ratio dropped below 70%.

But before we move on to realize the advances for growth, first, we need to recognize how we should strengthen our business and company so that we will be stronger to confront the crisis and able to continue our growth without being affected by the economic environments change. We also need to acknowledge how the Japanese manufacturing industries are drastically changing their strategies in overseas, marketing, technologies and products.

By recognizing these two subjects, as we change ourselves on our own, we would like to start our new “Midterm Management Plan” as a first step for advances for growth. For the beginning of the New Year, I would like to express that I would consider this as “the 3rd Start-up of the Company” and we need to be determined to realize the plan.

I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

January, 2011