Message from the President Oct.2010

a monthly magazine for our employee Oct.2010

How Do We Fight in the Second Half

We are now in the second half of the fiscal year. If we divide a fiscal year into first half and second half as a game of sports, I believe we can say that we were able to fight as we thought we would during the first half. We minimize the unnecessary point loss (un-expected contract termination) and maximized the point gain (obtaining contracts).

But we can not be so optimistic about the second half. The world and domestic economies continue to be unstable. But it is most important that, without being affected by those environmental conditions, we should try to get points steadily (improve utilization ratio).

On the other hand, there are some chances as well. It is clear that our customers are expressing that they will only work with trustable partners when they start their offensive move. Our sales forces are receiving some offer from the customers about replacing engineers from other firm with ours. Our new contracts are improving as our customers continue their selection on service vender. Also contract work percentage has increased instead of engineer dispatching. We were able to obtain such contract work because we hold many experienced engineers who can communicate with our customers under mutual trust as a key man.

We should not content with the improvement of utilization ratio achieved during the first half. We should pursue further improvement in gaining contracts during the second half. We will implement new WEB Human Training and job assignment promotion measures to deter the termination of contracts. We are determined to achieve the goal for the fiscal year and prepare new start from next fiscal year.

October, 2010