Message from the President May.2010

a monthly magazine for our employee May.2010

Let us Continue the Momentum of the Second Half of the Previous Year

As I reported in in-company portal sight on April 20, 2010, we have cleared the targeted number of new contracts during the second half of previous fiscal year. The result was way above our targeted figures exceeding the result of first half of the previous fiscal year. Off cause the market is gradually improving. But major reason was corporation effort of engineers and sales staffs that have caught the change in the trend. It is truly the achievement won by all the employees in business operating division. Thank you!

One another fact was that every month except October and January where number of ending contracts increase due to the end of quarter, number of new contracts exceeded the number of contracts ended. By this, number of engineers operating had increased and our utilization ratio and rose to 78.6% by the end of fiscal year. The utilization ration was down to 67.1% in August. But now, we have returned to where we touch the break even point.

Since there were number of contracts ended due to the end of the fiscal year, for the month of April, we can not quite say that we got good start in the new fiscal year. As I said, the result for the second half of the last year was achieved by everyone, not just by sales people. Let us not stop this momentum. Let us catch the trend in every customer and create the chance for new contract to exit from the current crisis.

I ask for further sales effort by all employee.

May, 2010