Message from the President Apr.2010

a monthly magazine for our employee Apr.2010

From The Starting Point

Fiscal year 2010 had started. The management policy of the Meitec Group for fiscal year 2010 is “Achieving Self-supporting Corporate Continuation”. And we have the management target for the Meitec Group as “Achieving the Operating Profit for the Fiscal Year”

As the company is asking all the employees for further efforts, we hope to return to a normal condition where the company can continue its business without the government subsidies for the employment adjustment as soon as possible. The normal condition means that we can pay our employee according to our normal payroll rules, share the profits with employee, and resume the promotion and pay raise in normal manner. Upon achieving these, we also hope to resume the employee carrier up supporting system.

On the other hand, for the system to support the employee carrier up, we are considering to rebuilding it from a scratch. I have commented about the necessity of resetting all the business system in order to exit from the current crisis in my beginning of the year message. What I meant in the message was, considering the fact that the market conditions and the social structures are greatly changing, we have to, not just restarting our original system, but change our system to what correspond to the new conditions and circumstance.

Therefore the meaning of a word “the starting point” becomes important. I believe that the re-structuring is not a denial of the past, but it is a matter of how far we go back to reset our system. I believe that Meitec employee’s DNA and/or culture from the beginning of the company where all the employee support each other and work hard together for self growth is one of “the starting point.” I am determined that we will stand at such new starting point within current fiscal year.

April, 2010