Message from the President Sep.2009

a monthly magazine for our employee Sep.2009

Message from the Manager of the Engineering Center

To over come the current crisis, cooperation of all the employees is essential. And to do so, I believe that it is important to have you understand the current situation which the company is in by informing you the precise situation. For this purpose, company is disclosing the monthly utilization ratio, what measures to cut back on the SG&A expenses the company is taking, status of how the group education and training programs are progressing, and what is the status of reviewing of our group strategies over our intranet system at most real time.

But to you, the engineers, your direct concern is on not just the over all condition of the company, but the information on the each engineering center you are assigned to. You have chance to hear about the information on you own engineering center through local representative meeting or at the on the job site meeting. But I believe that most real information is said in the “Message from the Manager of the Engineering Center” which is disclosed on homepages of the each engineering center in the employee web sight.

Today, each sales office is working hard to obtain more new contracts than the number of contracts ending. All the sales staff including the manager of engineering center are working hard to realize this corporate target. During the first quarter of this year starting from April, some engineering centers have achieved their goal and some have not. In either case, common message from each engineering center managers are, “achievement was result of cooperation from the engineers”, or “although we could not meet the target, we were able to realize some results by cooperation of engineers.” In some case, they report what was achieved as a result of what cooperation with examples. The strength of cooperation is in our DNA among all employee. I will not mention specifics since it is what makes us better than our competitors. But there has been many cooperation from engineers.

I have been informing you of what kind of cooperation the manager of engineering centers are wanting time to time in numerous occasions. I wish that you read each messages from manager of the engineering centers all over Japan. And I hope it will result in further cooperation.

Another thing, that what the managers of the engineering centers are wanting you to do is the maintenance of the TCD (Technical Career Data). It is something that you always should do no matter what the situations are. But especially under current condition, manager of the engineering center really want all the engineers under training programs to do this maintenances.

Primary reason is because they want to place as many engineers on training program as possible to the assignment as soon as possible. Sales staffs do not want waste new orders they got under hard environment. They want assign engineers to all the orders. But in order to do so, preciseness of your entries on the TCD is essential. More over, not just being precise, but it is important that all the appealing points to our customers are included. Stating what you have been doing, and as result, what you can do exactly, not over stated nor not under stated, is important. There is a though in the each messages from the manager of the engineering centers that the sales staff do not want loose orders due to lack of TCD maintenances.

Period during the month of July and August prior to the summer vacation, as a sales reinforced period, all the sales staff in the engineering center worked hard to catch customers need for the latter half of fiscal year. I am looking forward for the out come from this. But I wish continuing and stronger cooperation from you, engineers.

September, 2009