Message from the President Jul.2009

a monthly magazine for our employee Jul.2009

To The Engineers Under The Educational Training Program

This year, my meeting with the employee at each Engineering Center has been suspended due to the current crisis situation. But instead, I have been visiting each of 32 training facilities. This month I would like to share what we have been speaking at such visit.

At the beginning of current fiscal year, April 1, 2009, we have started off with 71% utilization ratio, in number of engineers on the job basis. In our company’s 35 year history, the time which our utilization ratio had dropped to this level was only once, during the period from 1992 to 1993 following the Rapture of the Bubble Economy in 1991. In terms of difficulty in the business, we are facing almost the same level of difficulty to that period in the current economic crisis. But what is different in how we are handling current crisis compare to how it was handled then is that all the employees are working hard to over come the current crisis by supporting each other while sharing the pains to protect the employments.

Overcoming a crisis means, at minimum, company become profitable again and continue its business on it own. Our primary objective for now is to achieve utilization ratio of over 80% which is the break even point of our company. To achieve this goal, as our sales force and our engineers on the assignment are doing their best to support on their part, I would like to ask all the engineers on the educational training programs too to do your best to support sales activities in any way, such as by introducing the potential customer and participate in sales activities by accompanying our sales forces. I also would like to ask you to actively participate in meeting with potential customer if there even a slight chance of matching your skills to what the customer wants.

I also would like you to renew your understanding that to those of you who are in the educational training programs, training is your Job at this moment. During the time you were assigned to the customer, you were working hard to improve the value of your services providing. But now, as you are under the training programs, I would like each and every one of you to take the training in a manner so that you can enhance the value of the training.

I know that the current training environment and conditions are not perfect for all the engineers going through the training programs, and there are things that needed to be improved. On the other hand, it is also the fact that there is no work place that is perfect for everyone with favorable conditions and environments. But when you were on assignment with customers, you have been doing your best to raise the value of your work under the various limitations and pressures within the customer’s work environment. And you have been achieving the customer’s high evaluation as professional engineer. In the same manner, I would like to urge you to carry out your training program to raise your value within the given conditions and environments. I believe that a valuable training is the training which you can realize the training was useful when you return to the job assignments.

Purpose of company applying for the Government Subsidies for Employment Adjustment too is to protect the employment. The crisis we face now is an issue related to the entire economy. And most risky part of this crisis is that we can not see the exit from it. Therefore, under an assumption of length of the crisis is un-definable, I, as who takes the responsibility of the managing the company, am committed to use what ever method I can to overcome the crisis while protecting the employment.

I am sure that upon over coming the current crisis by supporting each other, protecting the employment and completing the training, strength of the company and each employee would improve one step further. And I am certain that it would also give us the strength for us to glow in the next step.

Let us continue our effort within the given environment and condition in hope to meet such day soon.

July, 2009