Message from the President Jul.2007

a monthly magazine for our employee Jul.2007

Assistance Extended by Clients for Meitec’s Recruitment Efforts

On the occasion of this year’s informal gathering with the president, I ask the members of Meitec to watch some clips from our recruitment video for 2007. The section I’m showing you is where our clients extended their cooperation. Specifically, some staff members from our clients appeared in our recruitment video and identified themselves as such using their own names, to talk about the roles the engineers of Meitec play in the clients’ organizations and how Meitec members contribute to their business. Or, in some cases, clients’ associates presented some of their products, for which Meitec’s engineers played a role in development. The attempt to enlist others for recruitment efforts was simply unprecedented for us, and as far as I’m aware, this was the first such attempt made in the entire sector. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of the associates of the clients who went beyond their call of duty to give us a helping hand.

This was a landmark, because our clients who are primarily in the manufacturing sector, extended cooperation to our recruitment activities, despite the fact that they themselves run their own recruitment activities and thus compete with us in the arena of recruitment. Without a doubt, all companies wish to recruit the best talent. Normally, companies wouldn’t assist the recruitment efforts of others when they themselves need to recruit people. So why did our clients, not just one but several of them, decide to cooperate with us? It all boils down to one word: partnership. The logic behind the willingness to cooperate with us from the perspective of our clients in the manufacturing sector goes like this:

(1) Meitec’s client corporations themselves need to recruit outstanding people, and there is no room for doubt on this point.

(2) However, clients no longer take the risk of relying solely on their own full-time staff to cover all required tasks. They opt for “strategic outsourcing,” the integrated mobilization of internal teams composed of their own full-time members on one hand and outside forces such as Meitec on the other to cope dynamically with the changing markets and accelerate their development work, as this approach boosts their own competitiveness.

(3) For this reason, a company with the capability to supply outstanding teams for their efforts on a constant basis is considered a “partner.”

(4) Successful recruitment of outstanding people by their “partner” will also benefit the company.

What’s crucial here is the reason clients have come to see Meitec as their partner. This is due to the engineers of Meitec, who have won their trust. Since the inception of Meitec some three decades ago, each and every engineer of Meitec has worked painstakingly on projects, produced and accumulated results and, in the process, created the value that Meitec engineers are trusted as the No. 1 partners in the field. And the trust accorded to our engineers by our clients’ frontline people has reached their management, who have also begun to view us as a trusted partner.

In this connection, it should be noted that some client corporations even went so far as to reveal, in the video, the involvement by Meitec engineers in the core work they’re performing for their new products that are still in the pipeline. I was surprised and delighted at the fact that they volunteered to disclose such sensitive information for our benefit, based on the trust they had in us, as we aren’t allowed to disclose this type of information to third parties even if we’d like to. The 6,000-member team of Meitec engineers goes out and works for a wide range of industries from automobiles, electronics and semiconductors to industrial machinery, IT and chemicals. It’s no exaggeration so say that virtually all products and services that come out of the manufacturing sector are made with the involvement, in one way or another, and to a greater or lesser extent, by the Meitec engineers. This video gives us the opportunity to disseminate, to the outside world, the services and products made with the help of Meitec and thus to promote a better understanding of the social roles Meitec plays and our position in society. In this sense, the recruitment video for 2007 is extremely significant, because it marks the first step in this direction. At the same time, we must renew our commitment to meeting the requirements of customers, so that we can reciprocate the high degree of trust placed in us.

What struck me very much in the video was a remark made by a director of human resources at a client corporation. He expressed his wish for further “improvements,” on their part and on our part, “by encouraging each other.” The phrase “improvements by encouraging each other” is used only when one party refers to another on an equal basis.

All Meitec members who have a chance to visit the Tokyo Headquarters are invited to come up to the recruitment hall on the seventh floor, where a 1.5-meter-tall mobile soldier robot model greets you. This robot too is the product of our partnership with clients and their understanding extended to us.

July, 2007