Message from the President July.2019

Message from the President July.2019

Establishing the Presence That Creates Important and Essential Value

Since mid-May, we have been holding the 2019 ‟Employee and President Meeting”, which provide an important opportunity for all employees to directly exchange views and share information. This year we have made a particular point of increasing opportunities for employees to engage in dialogue, and I hope to make use of these events as a forum for the open and natural exchange of opinions. I also hope they serve as an impetus for employees to act independently. I look forward to seeing many of you take part.

In the course of holding the ‟Employee and President Meeting”, I’ve recently gotten the sense that people might not have set change as a goal. The reason I am always talking about the ability to adapt to change is because we will be left behind unless we can quickly adapt ourselves to changing environments and the advance of technology around the world. Attempting to change is a means to this end. As I’ve been saying, for MEITEC and each of its engineers five or ten years from now to maintain that status as creators of important and essential value in the eyes of customers in the manufacturing industry, we will need to possess that ability to adapt to change. Remember that the purpose of change and evolution is not for someone else but for yourself. That’s why you should take the initiative in going after it.

In the July 2019 edition of our quarterly in-house newsletter SYORYU, we will be covering some specific examples of action taken to create important and essential value for customers. This is a special project where we have compiled information based on employee questionnaire responses and other interviews, and I think it will become a very effective tool for sharing knowledge with all MEITEC employees. Even when it comes to basic activities like reporting, contacting and consulting, by explaining things using straightforward expressions and illustrations or demonstrating ingenuity in the timing and circumstances of delivering reports, we must continually search for the value only we can provide in the eyes of customers, and act accordingly. Those actions will lead to customers seeing us as indispensable, and I encourage you to take a look at the materials.

In today’s world where design work is becoming automated with the advancement of AI and simulation technologies, a key role demanded of engineers is to “set goals, carefully determine the nature of things, demonstrate creativity, and derive concrete and logical solutions.” If you equip yourselves with those skills, you will be able to preserve your status as creating important and essential value in the eyes of customers without being supplanted by AI or other advancements.

Let’s grow and evolve before we lose the opportunity to fulfill our roles.

July, 2019