Message from the President May.2019

Message from the President May.2019

A miracle 300 million kilometers away

The year 2019 will surely be a significant turning point in which we move closer to solving the mysteries of the universe.

That is because we have recently been hearing announcements about “successes” far beyond our imagination. A Japanese probe Hayabusa2 has succeeded in landing on Ryugu, an asteroid some 300 million kilometers away, as part of its mission of highly accurate exploration. Then came the success in taking an image of a black hole that is located 55 million light years from Earth through the combined efforts of eight telescopes around the world. I think that these two “successes” were the result of an insatiable passion for chasing the impossible and taking up challenges and continuity, great feats that are easier said than done.

It is said that nearly 300 Japanese companies participated in making various refinements, developing new technologies, engaging in manufacturing and incorporating the cutting-edge technologies to create Hayabusa2, based on the lessons and experiences learned from the first Hayabusa. Considering that a breakdown of a function or a component would have made achieving the mission difficult, I am sure that backups were prepared in the event of trouble and that simulations were repeatedly conducted. Through the analysis of the harsh space environment and careful consideration of all possibilities, their challenge to reach the very star they want to reach, not one they can reach, finally produced results.

I am very excited to see the mysteries of the universe, which have been an unknown world for me, being revealed one after the other. I am sure that you as engineers find wonder in the magnificent scale of these accomplishments.

Turning to your daily work, you may often have difficulty in getting the best ideas during the research and development processes. However, I am sure that you will acquire various information and the necessary knowledge or have discussions with other engineers and professionals to find the best ideas. During that process, the most important point is to think with persistence. I believe that things can surely be accomplished when we can continuously think with an inquisitive mind, and have the capability to take on challenges and keep going.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to 430 new graduates who joined the Company in April. I mentioned during my talk that human beings do not necessarily have good memories, so that it was important to make a record rather than relying on mental notes. By repeatedly analyzing what has been recorded and letting that sink in, we build our own frameworks for thinking. As this process forms the basis and offers food for continuous thought, it is my hope that the new graduates who joined the Company understand this at the start of their lives as working adults.

People who can consistently strive to do what they think they ought to do in a persistent and honest manner can accomplish great and unprecedented feats.

May, 2019