Message from the President April.2019

Message from the President April.2019

Strengths of Individuals and the Group

Fiscal year 2019 has begun, marking the final year of the present medium-term management plan “Next Stage 1.”

My first message for the beginning of the new fiscal year is that “all employees, including many new coworkers who graduated from college and postgraduate schools in March and joined the Company, are required to take the initiative in proactively working as one on tasks.”

In a project featured in the quarterly journal SYORYU (our in-house magazine) published in April 2019, I attended a discussion meeting recently with four veteran engineers. There was a lot to gain from the discussions. The most impressive episode was a talk about the four elements of “feel, accept, think and move.” I would like everyone to refer to details described in the in-house magazine. In particular, I was reminded and learned about the difficulty of “accepting.”

One of our veteran engineers made the following comment. “As I build up my career as an engineer, and the more confidence and pride I gain, the more difficulty I have in accepting something.” I think that this may be true in all vocations. As accepting means listening to others without preconceived notions and fixed concepts, and acting accordingly, the hurdles for gaining this capability may in fact be higher for experienced professionals. However, I believe that leveraging our ability to sincerely accept something will give us more opportunities to grow and evolve further, no matter how prominent we become as professionals, and that this will enable us to offer added value that guarantees high levels of customer satisfaction. The meeting was an opportunity for me to become aware of such things, and I am grateful for that.

In addition, the phrase “all employees work as one,” which I used at the beginning of this message, is of crucial importance to Meitec in fiscal 2019. Our hope is that all employees autonomously pursue their professional paths. Meitec’s genuine strength lies in the mutual support offered in this situation. As expressed in one of the designations of the Company’s true substance, “Engineering Firm,” Meitec is a group of professional engineers. I believe that individuals building their strength and then combining that strength enhance the group.

In fiscal 2019, I hope that all employees take the initiative to create “opportunities and placement” to become a stronger group than ever and boost the Company’s business. Moreover, please continue to bolster your individual strengths, by positively participating in such “opportunities and placement” and working with an attitude of genuinely accepting something, regardless of whether you are young employees or mid-level and veteran employees.

April, 2019