Message from the President January.2018

Message from the President January.2018

Innovating Yourself, Pursuing Possibilities

Happy New Year! I am sincerely grateful that I can celebrate the New Year with you.

Last year’s zodiac sign was the rooster. It is said that the year of the Rooster is a good one for business. It was indeed a year in which the economic environment was changing rapidly worldwide, the direction of the economy was generally favorable, and growth was weak but still in evidence.

In addition, the speed of initiatives for the productivity revolution that takes advantages of AI, IoT and other technologies, known as the fourth industrial revolution, has accelerated, which will increasingly change the working styles of people in the future. I believe the era will come when each of us will need to evolve.

Meanwhile, in the technological field, the pace of diversification and development in technical development themes such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), motorization, and connected car in the automobile industry has accelerated beyond the assumption throughout the year. The year can be seen as a turning point in the structure of the automobile industry.

Amid these social and environmental changes, many companies, including our main customers in the manufacturing industry, stepped up their investments for technology development, looking ahead to the next generation. Consequently, orders remained firm, and we have also steadily produced high performance thanks to our coherent efforts responding to and satisfying customer expectations.

2018 is the second term of the Group Mid-Term Management Plan “Next Stage 1,” which started in April 2017 and is designed to create continuous market value, refine the “technical skills (technical capabilities) x human power = comprehensive strength” and the business systems that have been cultivated over the years, and make us a strong group that grows constantly.

Under appellatives that convey the essence of the Meitec Group, “Engineering Firm at The Core” and “we are a group of engineers who play the core role in manufacturing through human and technologies,” we will steadily advance to the stage of creating new value, aiming for higher added value by realizing high-end and only-one strategies.

I want this year to be one in which all employees in the group unite to continuously evolve, pursue the possibilities, and accelerate our efforts to continuously play a role as your true best partner.

Let me conclude my New Year’s message by wishing you and your families continued success and prosperity this year.

January, 2018