Message from the President October.2017

Message from the President October.2017

Improving Productivity

Today, every Japanese manufacturing company is operating in the global market. To be competitive and sustain growth, each company must continue to provide good products and good services in both the Japanese and global markets. To do this, it must continue to accelerate development and create high value-added services. In addition, it must adapt to changes and achieve a competitive advantage by fully harnessing management resources such as people, goods and money as well as information.

First in priority among these management resources are people, or human resources. However, Japan is on the verge of facing a very serious challenge in terms of human resources. With the working-age population declining over the term, estimates show that by 2025 one out of three Japanese people will be older than 65, and one out of five will be older than 75. There is thus an urgent need to expand the labor participation of elderly people and women, while improving productivity and the creation of value through technological innovation. Otherwise, sustaining the growth potential of Japanese manufacturing companies and ultimately the growth potential of the Japanese economy will be difficult indeed.

One of the indispensable factors that drive the growth of Japanese manufacturing and the Japanese economy is the improvement of productivity. In retrospect, we used to realize very naturally that the world had changed or become a better place as we continued to see new services and technologies created one after the other. Needless to say, engineers were deeply involved in a situation in which productivity continually improved around the world. As we move forward with efforts to truly achieve the fourth industrial revolution, we expect that engineers will continue to pursue technological innovation by evolving AI, IoT and robots, making significant contributions to the improvement of productivity.

When it comes to Meitec, the core of “people” as one of our management resources are our engineers. At Meitec, we consider people as one form of the value that we provide, such as working on a range of goods and services with curiosity or demonstrating communication skills with manufacturing companies, the clients to which our engineers are assigned. That said, what is most important to Meitec engineers is what technologies they possess. Our engineers should spare no effort in constantly evolving their technologies that they have. Meitec engineers are expected to provide synergies through the value that “people” provide and the technologies that they possess. Meitec engineers are professionals who are always ready to provide outputs that exceed the expectations of our clients, manufacturing companies.

What I believe that Meitec engineers can contribute to improving productivity, one of the challenges in society, is that, beyond conventional wisdom and results already validated, they can freely provide more creative ideas through the synergies of "Technological Strength" and "Human Strength".

What I have mentioned here is conscientiously reflected in the Meitec Group’s corporate slogan of “Develop a New Era by People and Technology.”