Message from the President July.2017

Message from the President July.2017

Building a society that offers more opportunities for engineers

For the July 2017 edition of the newsletter, a featured article titled “Preparing for Technological Evolution” is being planned. The article will allow us to think together about how we, as Meitec engineers, might better cope with the environment where the creation and use of new technologies are required. In the article, a discussion between Akie Nakamura, Chief Researcher of Recruit Works Institute, and myself takes place. Ms. Nakamura has researched technological evolution and work styles, and is a member of research groups under government ministries and agencies. Through the discussion I learned many things from Ms. Nakamura.

I hope that you will read the details of the discussion in SYORYU. During the discussion, the following phrase left a strong impression on me: “building a society that offers more opportunities for engineers.” I was told that this was what Ms. Nakamura felt when she interviewed ten experts while writing a research paper. With the fourth industrial revolution gathering momentum and technologies becoming more important not only for the manufacturing industry but for society as a whole, determining how to build a society where engineers can thrive will be critical to Japan in the future.

Since its founding, Meitec has been tirelessly working to provide optimal opportunities and places for its engineers so that they can continue to be active throughout their careers. Evidence of this commitment includes our “Lifetime Professional Engineers”. They are engineers with diverse career backgrounds who have reached retirement age. There are more than 200 “Lifetime Professional Engineers” and many are still working actively as Meitec engineers.

Our initiatives to work together to create an affluent “Career Style of Engineer” are firmly connected to “building a society that offers more opportunities for engineers” suggested by Ms. Nakamura. By having values provided by engineers as our starting point and seeking to offer “People and Technological” services with high-added value, we aim to remain the most reliable partner for our clients in the manufacturing industry.

I strongly felt during the discussion with Ms. Nakamura that Meitec must continue taking the initiative, so that it can be the optimal platform for connecting evolving engineers and evolving clients in the manufacturing industry, with the aspiration of creating society that offers more opportunities for engineers.