Message from the President June.2017

Message from the President June.2017

Two Types of Human and Technological Services

In “Next Stage 1,” its Medium-Tem Management Plan (2017 – 2019), the Meitec Group is engaged in two businesses: the engineering solutions business and the recruitment & placement business for engineers. Meitec will focus on the engineering solutions business in particular.

In the engineering solutions business, Meitec offers two types of human and technological services: dispatch-type engineering solutions and contract-type engineering solutions.

In dispatch-type engineering solutions, or the core business, we will establish a “The Only One” model to continue to create high-end quality indefinitely, and build the base for our sustainable and aggressive growth by providing ideal value to customers and engineers.
In contract-type engineering solutions, or services that create new business value, we will leverage a combination of technologies and our organizational capabilities and continue to respond to the innovation of ever-evolving technologies. Through these efforts, we aim to create a situation in which customers and engineers are provided with enhanced technical value.

Nowadays, with the enhancement of added value and competitive advantages as the goal, manufacturers are accelerating open innovation initiatives as one of their strategies to facilitate synergies between internal and outside technologies and utilize external knowledge in the area of research and development (R&D). Through Meitec’s human and technology-oriented solution services, we will address such customers’ needs satisfactorily and offer a broader choice of services to address a range of needs. By doing so, we will continue to take on the challenge of providing value that exceeds customers’ expectations.

In order to ensure that they are active as lifetime professional engineers in the high-end zone, our engineers are also encouraged to build on assignments undertaken according to individual-based dispatches and organization-based contracts, and expand opportunities to develop their careers as engineers with strengths acquired from the two types of assignments.

While continuing to highlight the service of dispatching engineers in the high-end zone that has been nurtured at Meitec, going forward we will also offer services based on contracts to create new business value. I look to all employees to recognize that our businesses must deliver solutions for customers’ challenges through human and technological services, and work determinedly to offer such services.

After all, we are an “Engineering Firm at the Core”; a group of engineers that undertakes the core part of manufacturing by providing human and technological services.

June, 2017