Message from the President May.2017

Message from the President May.2017

Becoming an Engineering Solution Business

The Meitec Group renamed its business in April 2017. Our staffing business has been renamed as an engineering solution business.
By an engineering solution business, we mean providing optimal solutions to manufacturers.
I consider that what we have been providing to manufacturers are not mere services, but high value-added solutions featuring engineers’ technologies at the core. As such, our business cannot be summarized by way of defining it as a means of staffing.

Looking ahead, as a company engaging in an engineering solution business, we will build on the strengths we have developed and create new business value. In doing so, we aim to become a group of engineers that provide manufacturers with optimal and unique services in terms of human capabilities and technologies.

In addition, we have also launched Next Stage 1, the new mid-term management plan of the Meitec Group (2017 – 2019). We have set forth the “strengthening of competitiveness for aggressive growth” as the basic policy, and will drive two business areas and four business strategies to ensure that the Meitec Group becomes the sole enterprise with a focus on the high-end area.

【Two business areas and four business strategies】-----------------------------------------------------------------------
 1. Engineering solution business
   (1)Dispatch-type engineering solutions (High-end Zone)
      – Challenge for higher added value - 
   (2)Contracting-type engineering solutions(High-end Zone)
      – Provision of added value through organizational capabilities -
   (3)Dispatch-type engineering solutions (Mid-range Zone)
      -Expansion into a broader range of operations -

 2.Recruiting & placement business for engineers
   (4)Introduction of engineers-Establishment of a company position as a staff agency-

I will explain the milestones for the Meitec Group’s growth to the next generation and the main points of the initiatives for the growth to all Meitec employees in the Dialogs with the President that will be held nationwide from May.
I encourage you to participate in the Dialogs. Please feel free to ask questions if there is anything you wish to know more about or are uncertain of. Through this process, I would like to create a situation in which the respective businesses grow in tandem with your growth.

By 2020, three years from now, when the Next Stage 1 mid-term management plan (2017-2019) will be completed, I expect that we will have experienced a significant transformation into a society that increasingly embraces service-oriented consumption, rather than product-oriented consumption, as a result of hosting the Tokyo Olympics. In such a society, the value of products as the means of enriching services (provisioning of experience) will be changed. It will really be best if we can offer new product values to manufacturers through the engineering solution business.

Let us all take on challenges together to make aggressive growth and significant change happen, so that all of us at the Meitec Group will recall the Next Stage 1 mid-term management plan as a critical turning point when we look back in the future.

May, 2017