Message from the President April.2017

Message from the President April.2017

Engineering Firm at The Core

Starting from April 2017, we will be known as an Engineering Firm at The Core to communicate our essential qualities. This new name represents a group of engineers that plays a core role in manufacturing through its people and technology.

“Engineering Firm at The Core” captures exactly the significance of our existence. This is also proof of our determination to continue to pursue self-innovation. For our engineers, we will continue to enrich their engineering life. For our manufacturing customers, we will continue to be the truly indispensable, best partner. We have been able to enhance the next generation through people and technology. Therefore, we will be a group that plays a core role in both the engineering labor market and the design and development market now and in the future.

The manufacturing world has seen increasingly faster technological innovations. The environment surrounding us has changed dramatically. In these circumstances, we must focus on technological synergy centered on connections. For example, we have seen the rise of IoT, where different things now connect to each other via a network and real-time information is transferred to and fro. At the same time, the third automation/AI boom, which has begun to emerge, has rapidly improved operational efficiency and optimization. Indeed, this is the arrival of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

I would like you to develop your own professional skills to capitalize on these major environmental changes as an opportunity. At the same time, I recommend that you remain open to increasing your knowledge and skills beyond your area of specialization and take on challenges that will lead to the creation of a comprehensive career path. I also expect you to take the next step as a professional engineer. All of these efforts will enable us to be an indispensable company to our customers, who will play a role in their core business domains.

With the new name, Engineering Firm at The Core, which represents our essential qualities, we will be organically connected, enjoy learning the most advanced technical skills and become the one and only group that can continuously create market value.

What We Mean by “Engineering Firm at The Core”:
Engineering Firm:
“Engineering Firm” in our description means that all the members of the Meitec Group belong to a group of engineering professionals who improve each other and keep growing with the spirit of “independence and mutual support.”

The Core:
・ The Core in how we see ourselves means that we are a group of companies that produces “important and indispensable” value for the technological innovation of manufacturers.
・ The Core in how we see ourselves also means that we are a group of companies that is able to offer an “important and indispensable” way of working, as engineers who consider their profession as the core of society.

April, 2017