Message from the President March.2017

Message from the President March.2017

Be prepared to advance to the next stage

March is a month of change. New seasons begin for professional baseball and soccer teams in the sports world. Graduation ceremonies take place in schools. It is a month of preparation for expansion into new worlds. Looking at the business world, with the fiscal year ending, many companies are very preoccupied with preparing for the next fiscal year that starts in April, while at the same time engaging in ordinary operations.

As we enter such a busy season, I strongly recommend that you take the time to reflect on your actions since the start of this fiscal year and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. If you understand your strengths and develop them, you will be able to achieve high performance. If you understand your weaknesses and improve them, you will be able to boost your situation.

During the off-season, professional athletes review and reflect on the results of the season and carefully work to eliminate their weaknesses and develop strengths. Through such efforts, they are ready to give their best performances in the following season. Similarly, as professional business persons, we should seriously accept the results for the year and consider our strengths and weaknesses and what expertise and skills we should acquire to expand our strengths. Such efforts are very important.

That said, there is are no such thing as seasons for the design or research work that you engage in every day. As such, the completion of a development or project that you have worked on is the closing of a chapter. Looking back on my time as an engineer, the busier I was, the more difficult it was for me to find time to reflect on my work. Even so, I reviewed and reflected on what I had done on a daily basis. On the other hand, reflecting on the past year and analyzing one’s strengths and weaknesses imposes you heavy burdens, therefore, unless you do this intentionally and make into a habit, it is hard to practice.

I therefore strongly recommend that you habitually reflecting on your actions since the beginning of the fiscal year in March, so that you are prepared to start the new term.

Meitec will be welcoming more than 300 freshmen in April 2017. What role are you expected to play as a senior? Reflect on how to draw on your failures, the skills that you acquired, and the growth that you achieved in 2016, so that you can advance to the next stage. I expect that you will leverage your core competences, or your core strengths that you will understand through such reflection, to the fullest in the next term.

March, 2017