Message from the President January.2017

Message from the President January.2017

A New Phase, A New Challenge

Happy New Year!

I am sincerely grateful that I can celebrate the New Year with you.

Last year’s zodiac sign was the monkey. It was indeed a year in which new movements and unpredicted events occurred worldwide, and they increased the influence on the global economy as flashpoints for a range of risks.
It began with a continued fall in stock prices, the worst since the war. Negative interest rates, Britain’s referendum decision to exit the EU, the United States presidential election and other factors caused violent fluctuations in stocks and currencies, disrupted financial markets, and influenced the business climate. The economic environment is continuing to change rapidly.

Meanwhile, in the technological field, the speed of innovation has dramatically accelerated and progressed, reflected in keywords such as IoT, AI, ADAS, and robotics. Since many customers continued to invest in technological development, taking the next generation into account, our order environment remained stable.

Consequently, we were able to steadily advance our performance by uniting in pursuing a strategy in FY2016, the third year of the Group Mid-Term Management Plan 2014-2016, which is designed to make us a strong group that grows constantly, encourages strong individuals and a strong company, and achieves sustainable growth.

This year’s zodiac sign is the rooster. It is said that the year of the rooster suggests good luck in business, and a new step-up is expected during the year.

In March 2017, the Group Mid-Term Management Plan 2014-2016 ends. The new Next Group Mid-Term Management Plan starts in April. The goal remains unchanged: for all employees to create a company that improves the five values, starting with engineering value, then employee value, customer value, shareholder value, and social value, which are the aspects that the Meitec Group must pursue. In addition, we will aim to become a corporate group that creates continuous market value, takes advantage of any change as an opportunity to move forward, and grows sustainably without being affected by environmental changes.

Over the 42 years since our establishment, we have responded to customer needs in terms of technological innovations by people and technology, in the process creating a new professional way of working for engineers through technology.

In the Next Group Mid-Term Management Plan, we will clearly redefine the essence of our business, bolster the strength that we have developed over many years to improve our worth as a company, aim to further increase our market value, and challenge ourselves in the phase of creating new value based on these assets.

The year 2017 is the first year of the Next Group Mid-Term Management Plan. I want this year to be one in which all employees in the group unite in accelerating their efforts to achieve aggressive growth, leading us into the next generation. I sincerely hope that you will be able to feel confident and proud of yourself, your work, and your company this year.

Let me conclude my New Year’s message by wishing you and your family continued success and prosperity this year.

January, 2017