Message from the President December.2016

Message from the President December.2016

Thinking About Your Own Career

I wonder with whom you consult when you think about your future career or when you want to develop your technical strength or professional expertise.

In mid-November, I had the opportunity to hold a roundtable talk with four engineers in their 20s on a project for the in-house newsletter SYORYU. I realized that your counselor could be one of a wide range of people, including senior engineers of Meitec, engineers who joined the Company in the same year as you did, sales staff at your office, engineers of Group companies, and senior staff and engineers of customer companies.

Meitec engineers have two aspects: Being an employee of Meitec and being an engineer who seeks for an enriched engineer life. This is the way of working in which you engage in design and development tasks for customers in various manufacturing sectors for your entire career in a profession called engineering, taking advantage of the platform of a company called Meitec. For these reasons, I said that those with whom you can consult include sales staff and senor engineers of Meitec and senior staff at customer companies. I believe that this is a very important thing.

Having the opportunity and the forum to hear the opinions of many people and connect with them means that you have the privilege of being able to build knowledge, receive insights and clarify gaps. You will be able to design a career that really suits you, based on an awareness of many choices and case studies.

Setting “individuals taking their roles will make an organization stronger” as the theme for the year at the outset of 2016, I have been thinking about this. I have also been telling you that for individuals to maximize their abilities, it is important to create “their own way” and keep polishing it. And then, the experience each individual has of achieving goals they set will lead to a sense of satisfaction and motivation and maximize the power of the entire organization.
At the end of March 2017, more than 200 Meitec engineers will achieve the “Lifetime Engineer (R)” These people have strengthened the organization known as Meitec by maximizing their abilities as engineers and as employees of Meitec. We introduce the attitudes and feelings about their careers of those who have achieved the “Lifetime Engineer (R)” in our in-house web media, and I would like you to read it through, to use it as an opportunity to think about your own engineering career from next year.
I will also be looking at what form we should take as an even stronger organization for you to be able to maximize your abilities and harness them for the new medium-term management plan, which will begin in fiscal 2017.

December, 2016