Message from the President September.2016

Message from the President September.2016

Creating a Team That Makes the Most of Its Members

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games ended on August 22.
The Japanese athletes performed very well and won a total of 41 medals, the largest amount ever. I was moved by a number of episodes, which have made me even more excited about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

I like to watch team sports. However, I was most moved by the judo matches at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Japanese wrestlers had not performed very well in recent years in judo, a Japanese specialty. Olympic gold medalist Kosei Inoue became the head coach of the men’s national judo team in 2012. Since then, Inoue has focused on training in throwing techniques, making a detailed analysis of data on judo wrestlers in other countries, developing tactics in accordance with the revised rules, and restructuring the national team. His initiatives were rewarded with an amazing achievement at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Japanese wrestlers won medals in every weight class.

I was particularly impressed by judo as a team sport.
Judo is an individual sport. However, I had a strong feeling that the Japanese judo wrestlers were competing as a team when I watched them root for their teammates competing on the mats, as if they themselves were competing. I assume that a relationship of strong mutual trust between the head coach and the other coaches and athletes—with the head coach and the other coaches showing their confidence in the athletes, and vice versa—was an important factor in winning the contests.

It is said that in both sports and companies, it is essential to create a team that makes the most of its members. I believe that there are three important factors for maximizing the results of the individuals and the power of the team.

First, the team members should share clear goals and policies.
Second, the team members should cooperate with each other so that each team member can maximize their performance in carrying out their roles.
Third, the team members should communicate with each other and develop through friendly competition to achieve their goals.

The Japanese judo wrestlers made efforts as a team led by Head Coach Inoue and followed the same path in pursuit of clear objectives. I feel that the revival of the Japanese team at the Olympics was the result of each team member maximizing their performance following those efforts.

All Meitec engineers are requested to always provide customers with their best performance as professional engineers. To live up to customers’ expectations, every engineer needs to share clear objectives and policies with the employees of corporate customers and associates at Meitec and together make the most of the technical capabilities that are shared by the people involved. In this way, each member can maximize their own results and the capabilities of their team.

We tend to use phrases like “had bad luck” and “was out of form,” but these conditions simply show your true ability. I would ask you all to constantly think with your associates about what to do and take action so that you can always demonstrate 100% of your ability.

I intend to create a team that makes the most of its members, and I will take steps with you all to ensure that we generate our own exciting episodes, rather than focusing solely on the episodes of the Olympic athletes.

September, 2016