Message from the President August.2016

Message from the President August.2016

Bring Out the Strengths of the Team to the Maximum

This month the Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This international sports festival held once every four years is an event people all over the world enjoy.

The Olympic Games consist of both individual sports and team sports. I often watch team sports, and for the upcoming Olympic Games, my eyes will be on the Japanese synchronized swimming team. They will be led by Ms. Masayo Imura, who was reinstated as the coach for the Japan national team for the first time in ten years. Ms. Imura is famous for coaching athletes who have performed spectacularly on the global stage in the U.S., Canada, China, the UK, and Japan. Recently she told the media that the first thing she tries to do is “get each athlete to feel a sense of satisfaction by achieving their goal in competition.”

I can identify with what Ms. Imura said.
I took over as President in April 2014, and since that time I have talked about improving the strengths of the team organization whenever the occasion arises. To maximize the strengths of the team, the individual experience of achieving a goal is essential to elevating motivation and inspiring growth.
In the world of team sports, the ultimate purpose is for the team to “win.” To do that, each and every athlete does everything they can to achieve their own individual goals. When the team “wins,” the athletes on the team will have the opportunity to tackle another challenge in the next competition. I believe that feeling of joy in achieving a goal through competition and the accumulation of these experiences will help bring out the best in the team.

It is also possible to apply this same logic to our work. The work we do cannot be completed by one person alone. A person does work with others or his or her work is connected to the work of others before the final result is produced. To make the most of this result, the key is ensuring that each individual involved feels a sense of satisfaction through experience of achieving a goal.

Individual goals are set by superiors and the workers themselves.
The role of superiors is to consider how to set the expectations for the job performed by each worker in order to maximize the strengths of the team. The role of each worker is to consider what he/she wants to be, and the way in which he/she can grow and contribute to the team.
For both superiors and workers to be satisfied with the goals set, the team must have an open atmosphere. If people in the team are unable to speak freely with each other, no one will be satisfied with their work. In addition, by creating a climate for honest and open communication within each unit and department, and then extending it throughout the entire Meitec team, the strengths of Meitec can be fully brought to the forefront.

I receive a lot of questions and feedback from employees through the discussion meetings with the President held all over Japan. To me, this is a sign that Meitec is a team with an open atmosphere.
A team is made up of a group of individuals. I will take the thoughts of everyone seriously and strive create a satisfying company where individuals can fully exert their strengths. Together, we will make the Meitec team even better.

August, 2016