Message from the President July.2016

Message from the President July.2016

The Organization at the Forefront

Syoryu was launched in 1979 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the inauguration of the business. The in-house magazine has recorded the history of Meitec until today, serving as a symbolic medium.
Syoryu was published monthly in the past, but it is now issued quarterly.

The July issue includes a special feature focusing on the Engineering Centers [“EC(s)”].
Why EC? It’s because the ECs are the organizations at the forefront that have functions such as cooperation and connection, which are the strengths of Meitec.

Each EC consists of the head of the EC, sales and marketing staff, general affairs staff and numerous engineers. Syoryu focuses on the ECs to allow the entire company to share and become aware of why strong cooperation is voluntarily practiced on site in such a manner that makes 1 + 1 becomes 10 or even 100.

If all of the ECs become capable of cooperation and continue to exhibit this capacity, Meitec will certainly achieve tremendous growth.

Needless to say, the ECs need soft factors such as human resources as well as hard factors such as sites. In my view, this might be an extreme argument, but sites are not necessary if an EC is merely a site or a box (building).

The senior engineers who have laid the foundations for Meitec have avidly created a strong bond with each other, even if they lacked training equipment or a place to gather.

The point is the consciousness of the members of the ECs. If they respect each other and cooperate and exhibit a variety of synergetic effects regardless of job type, status or tasks, then the ECs will grow stronger and make client manufacturers and engineers happy.
Of course, we will provide full support to arrange the necessary environment and systems. First of all, however, it is important for us to take more self-initiative.

Be sure to talk about how you feel and what you notice with many colleagues.
- What should you do to grow further as a professional engineer?
- How can you support the growth of engineers?
- How can you exceed the expectations of client manufacturers?
- What can you do to allow Meitec to grow?
You are certain to find answers within the ECs.

July, 2016