Message from the President June.2016

Message from the President June.2016

“Lifetime Engineer (R)” is Our Pride

Starting from May 21st, the 2016 Employees Award Ceremony has been held in four different locations in the country. This ceremony has not only given us the opportunity to thank staff who have dedicated their professionalism to the growth of the company for more than 20 years but also provides us with a stage to celebrate their outstanding achievements.

Among them are a number of engineers who have reached the legal age (60 years old) for retirement. At Meitec, engineers retiring from the company are called “Lifetime Engineer (R)”, and as of 31st March 2016, the total number of such engineer has reached 154 people. I have had the honor of receiving a message from each of the “Lifetime Engineer (R)” at the award ceremony every year. Through these messages, I was always impressed by their strong individuality and their determination to lead a pioneering career.

I like to use the metaphor of a “tree” when I refer to our engineers. I see them as “trunk” that grow thicker and larger as more foliage of knowledge and skills sprout from the trunk of technology. As such, the final shape of a “tree” depends entirely on what technology is available, what can be learnt, and how it is nurtured. At present, Meitec has about 6,800 engineers, which means we have 6,800 very distinctive “trees”.

We have taken the effort to compile commemorative journals for “Lifetime Engineer (R)” at Meitec so that they may reminisce back on a prosperous engineering career. These journals are also shared among our staff to encourage improvement of technical skills and career advancement in younger engineers as a ritual of passing down past glory and experiences.

Japan has grown as a manufacturing nation through tireless development of new technologies and endless search for additional values in our products. These additional values are generated by none other than engineers. Therefore, engineers worldwide are all considered as precious assets in our country. Especially our “Lifetime Engineer (R)”, who have utilized Meitec as a platform to build their technical skills in a variety of manufacturing industries and accumulated invaluable experiences in design/development, are of particular importance in transmitting our nation’s technology.

Finally, these are the words given by many of you who have succeeded as “Lifetime Engineer (R)”: “As long as permitted, I shall devote my life as an engineer, to learn new things, to create new things.” I admire your ceaseless curiosity and ambition from the bottom of my heart.

June, 2016