Message from the President May.2016

Message from the President May.2016

Staying Prepared as we Move Forward

First, let me express my sincerest condolences for all the people affected by this year’s earthquake in Kumamoto.

Since Fiscal Year 2014, we here at Meitec have been pressing forward with the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016. Now, in FY 2016, we have reached the Plan’s third annual term, and it’s time for all of us in the Company to face the fact that “the boom will not last long” To achieve the objectives of the Mid-term Management Plan, we each need to think for ourselves and act on our own initiative.

Right now, we face many challenges under changing circumstances. We stand face to face with a poorly performing economy and natural disasters. If we want to keep moving forward properly on our own initiative, and if we want to foster our power to achieve even further, then one thing that is especially important at a time like this is staying prepared in advance as we move forward.

At Meitec, what do we mean when we talk about staying prepared? It means that when our clients in the manufacturing industry need a certain technology, our engineers always already have the skills needed to do the job, and we can always arrange the situation so that we can handle changing circumstances. And for our non-engineering staff, it also means that we can consistently provide all our engineers with the opportunities and forum they need to develop their skills, even when there are changes in the environment outside the Company. Each and every one of us is called upon to support each and all of us. By doing this, we build up a network of connections with lots of colleagues and clients. This in turn means that we can stay prepared as we move forward to achieve our Group’s Mid-term Management Plan.

In April, we welcomed a total of 338 new engineers into our Company. With your orientation completed, we would like to see you at work with our clients in the manufacturing industry. Meitec is a galaxy of engineering professionals, where each employee creates their own brand as a professional and goes the extra mile to provide our clients with more value than they ever expected. So I’d like to say to our new engineers that when you work under the Meitec brand, you’re starting off with the “opportunities and forum” to do your work as professionals. But just like your 6,600 senior colleagues, you will have to develop your own brand by yourself going forward. So think about it, our new engineers – how are you going to build up and polish your own brand? And we expect our senior engineers to support you as you go, each one taking pride in their own brand and working consciously to build it up to even further heights in their own turn.

From May, we are going to hold the 2016 “employee and president meeting.” This is an “opportunity and forum” for engineers and other company staff to make real connections – and for our engineers to forge links with each other as well.

I’d like everyone to share the feeling that we’re steadily moving forward together, to give our engineers the best professional careers they can have, and to give our clients the very best partnership we can. And I’d like the event to offer a forum where we can really see, hear and feel that we are steadily moving forward precisely because of the positive cooperation and commitment that we all give to each other. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all.

May, 2016