Message from the President April.2016

Message from the President April.2016

Creating and Refining “The Ideal Me”

In late February of this year, I had the pleasure of attending the Technology Convention at Nagoya Engineering Center. (Also see the Spring 2016 issue of our Company’s periodical SYORYU for details.) This major convention has been a long-standing tradition in the company and this was a memorable year because the event was held for the 30th time. So, over 100 engineers took part this time round, in what was a lively and stimulating gathering.

What really made an impression on me was how all the engineers who gave presentations shared the theme of Creating the Ideal Me. I felt that while different people of course have their own different priorities in their working lives, each and every one of the speakers had developed their own ideas on their own initiative over many years, and each one of them had created their own “The Ideal Me” to get the very best results they possibly could.

Reproducibility is said to be high for behavioral characteristics for producing the best results. A person who has created their own “The Ideal Me” is very likely to give high performance no matter what the environment may be. That is to say, in my opinion, that this kind of person, acting as “The Ideal Me,” has created and mastered a set flow process toward success, and has become a contributor of high value by refining this.

So, if all the engineers here at Meitec create their own “The Ideal Me” in this way, I feel that we also can work as engineers who continuously provide stable, high-level output to meet our customers’ needs and give them confidence in our Company. On the other hand, if we don’t have this kind of “The Ideal Me,” people may wonder to themselves, “Can they really do a good job?” When a customer puts their trust in us, we’re called on to do an even better and more important job for them every time. By doing this over and over again we can build up our technical skills and our careers.

So, I’d like to call upon all the new recruits who have joined us in April to aim for the top level of professional engineering. You can rest assured that 6,600 senior colleagues to guide you on your way. These are professionals with a wide range of experience, knowledge and expertise. You will find many senior colleagues who have built up their own version of the “The Ideal Me” in the course of acquiring their skills.

So, new recruits, I’d ask you to work together and roll your sleeves up. Your senior colleagues are by your side, so follow their example and learn from them. “Following their example” is really, really important – to put it another way, think of it as benchmarking. Benchmark your senior colleagues, and then pull out all the stops to exceed those benchmarks as quickly as you can. And to you senior engineers, I’d like to say that you should look at what you’re doing from a fresh point of view by teaching these new recruits.

The Third Term of the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016 has begun. Let me urge each and every one of us at Meitec to set to work, creating and refining your own version of “The Ideal Me” as we go forward.

April, 2016