Message from the President March.2016

Message from the President March.2016

Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016: Towards the Third Term

One month remains in 2015 for the second term of the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016. As we approach the third term, I would like to emphasize the relationship between the “ideal state" of the Meitec group and the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016.

With the "value to engineer" as the starting point, employee value, customer value, shareholder value and social value are the five values that together will facilitate sustainable improvement. Over the past three years, the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016 has outlined what should be implemented first in regards to realizing improvement in these five values towards achieving Meitec Group’s “ideal state”.

That is to say, the “ideal state” of Meitec Group is our promise or oath so to speak, regarding the value which we will offer the world. I would like you to once again recognize the relationship between the implementation process of realizing that promise, or oath, over the past three years and the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016.

In the Group's current mid-term management plan (2014-2016), our plan to continue to grow our core business, consisting of professional staffing business for engineers and recruiting & placement business for engineers, is being implemented. For the both business for engineers, sustainable growth can be achieved through the establishment of a top-notch matching platform, and we are in the middle of creating a strong business group which can respond to changes in the environment and market conditions.

The Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group has evolved in three ways since it first began.
1) Evolution of "cooperation"
In other words, the spreading of connections from engineer to engineer, engineer to base, between the head office and each department, and ties between the Group companies are beginning to bear fruit.
2) Evolution of "self-reliance"
All engineers pursue the awareness and demeanor for improving their own market value. As a business system, awareness of business improvement based on expected roles is also growing among indirect employees who support the careers of the engineers.
3) Evolution of "visualization"
In order to rebuild our company with a strong business system, visualization is evolving such that information that will contribute to the operating activities for customers and to professional development of our engineers is being organized comprehensively and systematically.

In the third term beginning in April, rather than continuing to focus on these three evolutions, we expect signs of a new evolution to be sprouting.

To that end, we must now calmly and swiftly respond to rapid changes in the environment surrounding the company. In the first two months of 2016, the economic environment has been changing rapidly: fluctuations in global stock prices and foreign exchange, resource depreciation, and deceleration of the Chinese economy. All employees must be bear in mind that "the boom will not last long".

Even if another economic crisis like the collapse of Lehman Brothers occurs, the lofty goal of not merely surviving on our own but increasing our power to grow is Meitec Group’s “ideal state”.

The third term of the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016 is, once again, to enhance the sense of urgency among all employees to create strong individuals and a strong organization.

March, 2016