Message from the President January.2016

Message from the President January.2016

As We Celebrate for the New Year

Happy New Year!
I am very pleased that we can celebrate the New Year with everyone.
Nine months had passed and started the year 2016 in the second fiscal year of the “Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016” which we aim to achieve the “Ideal State of the Meitec Group.”

How was the year 2015 to all of your?
Because the manufacturers, which are the major clients of the Company, continued their steady investment in technological development looking to the next generation regardless of the business conditions or the economic trends, our order environment continued to be strong. And, by entire company pushing our strategy, we were able to achieve steady growth in our performance.

On the other hand, although the economy seems to be shifting toward growth from recovery as the weaker yen and higher stock price progress, we cannot quite actuary feel that we can wipe out our anxiety.
It will not be surprising that if a situation such as the collapse of Lehman Brothers occurs again considering risk factors which may affect world economies such as the Chinese and European economic issues, Middle-East conflict, and North American economy.
That’s why it is important to achieve sustainable growth as individual and the Company, assuming that major changes may occur to our surrounding environments.

Target of the “Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group” is to “continue creating the market value and achieving sustainable growth as a corporate group” without affected by any environmental changes by improving the five values of the “Ideal State of the Meitec Group”, “Value to Engineer, Value to Employees, Value to Clients, Value to Shareholders and Value to Society” from the “Value to Engineers” as a starting point,

The year 2016 is a very important year for the “Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group” because it is the final year of the three year plan. We will try to accelerate growth of individual and the Company and become stronger as the whole company. And I wish that we can make the year which we can have confidence and pride in our work and the Company.

At last, as my greeting for the New Year, I hope for your good health and your success for this year.

January, 2016