Message from the President November.2015

Message from the President November.2015

One for All, All for One

I often watch sports programs. And I particularly like the team sports.

In the 2015 Rugby World Cup held in England, Japanese team achieved a historical win. Since one win in 1991 2nd Rugby World Cup, Japanese team was never has blessed with win for 24 years.
But at this World Cup, the Japanese team won three games. I think it was a brilliant accomplishment that would change the history of Japanese rugby world.

In this event, there were two things which I thought really amazing.
One is that each member of the Japanese team completed the enormous amount of training which their head coach would call “hardest in the world,” and with a strong willingness of wanting to win, they lead it to a result (win).
Second was that they have achieved this accomplishment with a spirit of “One for All , All for One.”
“One for All , All for One” is a spirit that emphasizes each person understanding and fulfillment of his or her role, but also act in consideration of whole. So it can be realized by the independence of each person.
Although the role of each person was different, they supported each other as a team, and sharing a dream and objective to win, and they pushed forward to achieve the accomplishment.
I believe that there was a vision to achieve total optimization as a team.

We too, at Meitec, have spirit and corporate culture of “Independence and Mutual Supports.”

Meitec engineer continues to achieve career advancement as a professional engineer by improving their technological strength and human strength under a spirit of “Independence.”

But also there is a culture which Meitec engineer compete with each other as they acknowledging others as fellow professional, but also to support each other in full power to together achieving the higher position.
So, in past 40 year history of the Company, just like the spirit of the rugby team, we too have cultivated and cherished the similar spirit.

Meitec engineer is a member of Meitec team, but they also have a position as a member of design and development team for the manufacturing at our client.
With the spirit of “Independence and Mutual Supports,” by us understanding our own role and by performing within a team, our clients would feel more excitement and joy, and it will lead to winning a trust from our client.
As a result, we, as engineers, can continue to contribute to make products which match the needs of the world, or to create new value in our work.

I wish that all the engineers, as the professionals, continue to hone your technological strength and human strength. And let us together inherit the spirit and culture of “Independence and Mutual Supports,” and lets us build up the spirit and culture further and achieve further growth.

November, 2015