Message from the President October.2015

Message from the President October.2015

Be Particular About Your Own Price

From October, the latter half of the second year of the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014 – 2016 has started.

At the employee and president meeting started from May, I have been saying that together we would like to strive to “brush up the Meitec business system (IN – OUT – FOLLWOW functions)” and to “increase our colleague (increase the number of employees)” during the second year. And we have defined “five stories” to carry out the various measures of the mid-term management plan. Among those, “Be Particular about Your Own Price” is one I would like each and every one of engineer to consider during the latter half of the fiscal year.

As you can see from the Meitec’s past history, demand from our clients had changed as the time goes by. And their expectation of the value of Meitec engineer’s service has changed as well. So, it is important to think and take action beforehand in consideration of “what kind of technological and human strength to achieve now and in the future in order to provide value beyond our client’s expectation.”
And by this, you can achieve the “Price” as a result of evaluation of your performances from the clients.

Then, what is the meaning of “Be Particular about Your Own Price.”

What I felt from talking to our engineers is that some are considering their “Own Price” as a reflection of the results of the evaluation of their performances, and some think that their performances do not directly relates to their “Own Price.”
In case of the latter, I hear them saying that “I want to perform above the clients expectations and want to create better things. But I consider the price separate from my performances, and high price is not everything.”
I got the impression that they do not mean that they are not confident with their performance. But they have strongly particularity as engineer that they want to create better things with the clients. And they are not really particular about their “Own Price” that much.

But, us, Meitec, is a group of professionals which provide high technology service to our clients as well as a company which support career advancement of engineers.
Since we are a group of professionals, we should be particular about “Price” which reflects the technological and human strength we provide every day. And we all should heighten our market value, only player achieving the average price of above 5,000 yen.

Off course, there may be a pressure from “Own Price” while you work. And, you may not be convinced with all your day to day work, and may suffer with problems somewhat. But we should be proud of that we all have created today’s market value together, and have a pride about it. And I want each and every one of you to be more particular about your “Own Price” and aim for achieving higher value.
From 2014, each sales office had started the career counseling for engineer. You probably have started to think about building up your career to achieve status you should be. I wish that you would take this opportunity to re-think about your “Own Price.” Also, I would like to ask every sales representative to think how you should correspond with clients and engineers regarding the price. Let us all think and clarify what kind of action we should take in order to be particular about the price.

September, 2015