Message from the President September.2015

Message from the President September.2015

Toward Amendments of the Worker Dispatch Law

Meitec have strived to provide value as a group of the professional engineers beyond the expectation of our clients, Japanese manufacturers, by supporting career advancement of our engineers since its founding in 1974.
Over more than four decades, we have created and provided value to the engineer labor market and the design and development market in the manufacturing industries.

The Worker Dispatch Law, which its amendment is being deliberated in the Diet currently, was legislated in 1986, 12 years after Meitec was founded.
Back then, as needs for worker dispatch services had increased from companies and labor market, human resource service companies providing worker dispatching service had significantly grown. Therefore, the government had legislated the Worker Dispatch Law, under the judgment of a law to protect dispatch workers is needed.
Since then, the law was amended several times to respond to the changes in the labor market and became the present law.

The Worker Dispatch Law is a business law which all the companies who participate in the worker dispatch must comply. Therefore, it is the most important law for Meitec to conduct its business.

Meitec's basic policy in the compliance is that the executives and relevant departments will recognize all the laws and regulations and social ethics and internal rules related, etc., with responsibly, and always act in good faith with a law-abiding spirit and a sense of ethics.

Therefore, regarding the amendments under deliberation, all the Meitec employees need to understand its contents, and strictly apply it to our business operations. And it is important that we can explain the contents of the amendments to our clients and to the labor markets.

The followings are the three major important points of the amendments:

1.Achieve healthier worker dispatch industry.
  ⇒All worker dispatching operators will need to obtain government approval.

2.Change the dispatching period limitation system to more easy to understand system, and promote stable employment.
  ⇒Limitation of the period of the dispatching by types of job, the 26 specified jobs or others, will be lifted. And the limitation will be changed to that of based on the type of employment, the dispatched period of each dispatch worker, and the period of utilizing the dispatch worker at the particular business location.

3.Measures for career advancement and equilibrium working conditions of the dispatch workers
  ⇒The law will be changed and add in order to promote measures to provide continued growth support and improve the working conditions for those who wish to continue working as dispatch worker.

The company will provide information to all the employees so that you will correctly understand above three points. The company already have started to ask the sales people and administrative staffs to take a learning course based on the amended worker dispatch law.
The company will start providing detailed information on the amended worker dispatch law, and ask you to understand it correctly.

And, more than ever, let us together make an environment which you can continue to work with confidence, and create status which our clients can utilize our services with full understanding and trust.

Note: As of August 31, 2015, contents of the amendment to the Worker Dispatch law are not determined.

September, 2015