Message from the President August.2015

Message from the President August.2015

Aim to be a Professional Administrative Staff

The personnel policy of Meitec states that “the Company would support the career advancement of each employee who is striving to enhance their market value together with the Company.”

“The professional engineer” is an engineer who can continue to perform their duty and to grow even if their client or needed technologies change.

“The professional administrative staff” is an administrative staff who can continue to perform their duty and to grow even if their working environments or expected role would change.

Therefore, what is required as the professional is basically the same for the engineers and the administrative staffs.
This is because where ability required to the engineer is“Technological Strength x Human Strength = Total Strength,” and ability required to the professional administrative staff is “Ability in Specialty x Human Strength = Total Strength.” Both the engineer and administrative staff have clients which they provide their value for. And their efforts in responding to provide value beyond the clients’ expectation are the same.

But, as for the administrative staffs, it is hard for you to show clear output of your performances as engineers can. In case of engineer, you are asked to show continuous outputs (results) in response to clear expectation from our clients. Evaluation of that is the “Market Value” of engineer.

In case of administrative staff, you might not have able to see your own growth and satisfaction as well. Thus, in another word, your environment could have been such that you could not feel a willingness to challenge new things.
Therefore, the concept of new growth support measures started in 2015 is to start from clarifying the direction of function and role of the organization and expected role of each member.

Clarifying the direction of function and role of the department and expected role of each member is the responsibility of the department manager. Therefore, by starting from management training and making sure that they set appropriate expected role, the Company aims to create a condition which administrative staff can fully utilize their abilities advance their career and to be evaluated on their performances.

On the other hand, what each administrative staff should ask yourself is that you should continue to create value from your work on your own. Not just as a worker, but as a player, I want you to think what kind of value you can or wants to provide to others, and to set it as your expected role, and boldly challenge them.
There are continuous growths in the organization you are in, such as widening the scope of your work and elevate your role. There also are non-continuous growths such as carrying out your work in different organization with the new role.
If we can create a condition which you, the administrative staffs who support the career advancement of the engineers, can strive for your own career advancement, and challenge the expected role, organization of the Company can be further stronger. So, step by step, let us reinforce our organization so that you can feel your growth and satisfaction, aiming to become “Professional Administrative Staff.”

August, 2015