Message from the President May.2015

Message from the President May.2015

Why We Need to Increase the Number of Engineers?

For the fiscal year 2015, the second year of our group mid-term management plan, the Company had set “increasing the number of engineer” as one of the priority themes.
I would like to talk about the purpose of why we need to “increase the number of engineers.”

First, it is for us to continue to be the best partner to our clients and provide many selections of the technological services.
In the “manufacturing,” various types of development team, consist of young to senior engineers with a wide range of specialties, are needed. The Meitec engineers, together with their fellows, have built up the results of our performances over 40 years by meeting and responding to our clients’ needs and expectations. And, by increasing the fellows, we need to continue to be the best partner to our clients by providing many selections of our technology services.

Second, we need to continue creating the opportunities and placement where each and every engineer can build up their career and heighten their market values.
As a company who operate the professional staffing business for engineers, the most important thing is the growth of each engineer, i.e. building up their careers, brushing up their strength of “Technological Strength x Human Strength = Total Strength” in order to continue responding the evolving technologies and market needs. And by challenging many opportunities and placement, the engineers can heighten your own market value and continue to grow over your lifetime by building up your careers.
But it cannot be achieved only by yourself.
Naturally, the opportunities and places for the Meitec engineers to grow are at the clients work sites. And the reason for our clients would provide us with such opportunities is because you have provided the output meeting the client’s expectation and built up the trust from our clients.
Because there are many senior engineers and fellow, there is the work for you now.
So, for the engineers to continue the growth, it is important to continue this flow of creating the opportunities and places and connect them to the next generation by increasing our fellows.
This is why “increasing the number of engineers” is essential to Meitec.

Both, hiring newly graduates and mid-career, are two important wheels to increase our fellows.
Joining Meitec as the newly graduated engineers means that they will have the opportunities and placement as an engineer at their first step. This means that they can start building up their career as the design and development engineer from very early stage.
Also the young engineer growing to become a professional engineer with experience in design and development for various industries and products will be a great contribution to “Monodzukuri Nippon”, in the future of entire Japanese manufacturing industries,

By joining Meitec at the mid-career, the engineer can target to become “Lifetime Engineer” by further building up their experience as the design and development engineer over their past career.
To our clients, variation of our proposal to respond to their variety of needs will be widened by increasing the experienced ready to work engineers.

In order to create affluent “Career Style of Engineer” together and continue to be the best partner for our clients, we will achieve “increasing the number of engineers” by firmly turning both wheels, newly graduate hire and mid- career hire.

Future labor market will significantly change. Domestic workforce, between the ages of 16 to 64 years old, will continue to decrease, and population over 65 years old will increase. And decrease of the future workforce, less than 15 years old, is to be significant.
Therefore, increasing our fellow will not be easy.
So, let us together, in company-wide, continue to work to “increase the number of engineers.”

May, 2015