Message from the President April.2015

Message from the President April.2015

Wisdom of Knowing Our Own Ignorance

On March 12, 2015, three companies in the Meitec Group (Meitec, Meitec Fielders, and Meitec Cast) received certification as the “Excellent Dispatch Company” from “The Project to Recommend Excellent Dispatch Companies” (the Project) commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Worker (MHLW) from the 2014 fiscal year.

The Project certifies the companies who displayed excellence in supporting career advancement of the dispatch worker, etc.

The facts that, not just only for Meitec but, three companies in the Meitec Group have received this certification, meaning that our efforts and posture had been officially evaluated by the government system, are the great honor. But, we should not be satisfied with the certification. As the leading company in the industry of the professional staffing business for engineers, we cannot achieve the “growth in the quality” unless we aim for a higher position by thinking of what is the “Excellence” means on our own, and clearing what we need to fulfill.

I would like to comment further about the “growth in the quality.” As we enter the second year of our Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group, I believe that most important thing is “continue to brush up the Meitec’s business system.” The Meitec’s business system is the integration of “IN-OUT-FOLLOW” functions.

IN is the “increase in number of engineer,” i.e. increasing our colleagues.
OUT is the “assignment to the clients,” i.e. providing opportunities and placement.
FOLLOW is the “supporting the growth,” i.e., each engineer thinks about their own career, and together realizing it.

Since the establishment of the company in 1974, as the group of professional engineer who are particular about the “People and Technology,” we have been brought up and connected our colleagues, technology, and time of 40 years. Reason that we were, together, able to overcome number of crisis, and continue to be selected by our clients is because we could continue to provide high quality services by the “unique business system based on engineer as the starting point.”

But I would like to say that the business system will not shine unless we brush it up. By each one of us “know” about our engineer, “know” about our clients and connecting functions of “IN-OUT-FOLLOW,” we can enhance the value to both the engineer and the clients. This is the “advantage of Meitec.”

Environments our inside and surrounding outside are continuing to change. We need to know what is changing. And we need to continue to brush up our business system to meet the change. Further, we need to change what need to be changed.
Arrogance that we know what we need to know and we are doing what need to be done is the most dangerous thing. As we celebrated our 40th anniversary and now we entering the second year of our Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group, “Wisdom of Knowing Our Own Ignorance” would be very important.
While thinking of the real meaning of “knowing," I wish that everyone would confront the everyday work.

During the fiscal 2015, we will reconstruct the “advantage of Meitec.”

April, 2015