Message from the President March.2015

Message from the President March.2015

Looking Back at the Fiscal Year 2014

In about one month, one year will pass since I became the president of Meitec in April 2014.

By looking back at the past one year, there were a wide variety of events and happenings.
Among those, the most impressive thing was that we were able to reach a memorial year of the 40th anniversary. Not just as a big milestone, but it was a year that all the employee could share how the Meitec, an engineering outsourcing company, was born 40 years ago, how we reached the present state, and how we created our advantages in value by each engineer brushing up their technology by working as in the profession of engineer.

Also, many people had joined Meitec during the fiscal year 2014. In addition to 378 newly graduated who joined us on April 2014, every month, we have a number of mid-career people joining us totaling to 200 people (plan for 2014) during the year. I am meeting everyone on the day they join us. And there is one message that I have given them.

1st article means that the engineer should be proud of themselves, not just only for fulfilling the clients’ needs by continuing to enhance their own market value, but for being able to provide more than the clients’ needs as professional.

2nd article means that it is important to work in viewpoint of the end user in the world, not just only in the client's viewpoint. And trust and recognition by the clients and the end user in the world will lead to your advantage in value.

3rd article means that everyone should work to contribute to the advancement of the society by firmly facing the society, which the clients and we coexist, with common sense as a member of society.

I would expect for those who will be joining the Meitec Group to always act with pride by perceiving the Meitec Group Employee Code of Conduct as the “Promise of the Professionals.”

As of January 2015 (most recent disclosed data), the utilization of Meitec engineer is 98.2%, in state of full operation. We can say that our business environment surrounding Meitec is good. But we should not think that it will continue forever. While the environment good now, you need to act toward building up your career by confirming the starting point as Meitec engineer once again.

Under any circumstance, you should place yourselves into a position that you know about added value which you are expected from clients and technology trend which is wanted from the industries. Without doing so, you may never know what kind of environment changes are happening in the world.
First step is to “look and know.” Then, you will take inventory of yourselves, and take action to supplement your weakness or strengthen your advantages. This action can be taking technological and human strength training, or communicating in a gathering of engineers. Also, it is to challenging in design and R&D work for different industries.

We will surely realize the state “we can provide opportunities and a place for the engineer to work under any business environment” which we decided after the Lehman Shock, by all the employees think and take action against what we need to do now, so that all the engineer can challenge anything with a sense of safety.

March, 2015