Message from the President February.2015

a monthly magazine for our employee February.2015

Knowing Your Clients

From the second half of the fiscal year, as I mentioned in my October 2014 message “What You Can See in the Client’s Voice,” I myself have been actively making opportunities to speak with our clients directly.

Our clients have given me their frank opinions. But, one common message given from many of our clients was that “Meitec engineers are the professional.”

Examples of the client’s voices are:

“Meitec engineer's attitude of not giving up until the completion of the matters and trying to absorb the new technology by taking advantage of their skills are affecting to lead toward awareness and activation for all the temporary staffs from other staffing companies and our own employees.”

“Although we are always seeking for an extra technical ability in Meitec engineers, they always do not disappoint our expectations.”

“It is hard to seek for changes in our own employees. But for Meitec's engineers, we feel that they are rather enjoying the changes.”

“I understood that firm engineer education is implemented at Meitec by seeing the actual newly graduated employee training. And for the actual engineers who have come to work for us, they are working hard as we expected. Also the senior fellow engineers are following up on their young ones.”

Every time I receive such voice from our clients, I am very proud that everyday effort by each and every Meitec engineer is highly rated by the clients. Also, I actually feel that firm trust and confidence was built based on the long years of results and achievements by our fellow senior engineers since it cannot be won overnight.

On the other hand, I receive a request that our clients expect continuation of better service more than ever by sustaining high quality in service unique to Meitec.

Now, the manufacturers which are our clients are working on the theme such as the human resource development and mobilization and use of human resources under the environment changes such as the globalization and the aging society.

We the Meitec, need to contemplate honestly how we can respond to our client’s needs and expectation. Also, it is important to keep a condition that how well our sales staffs, who are to present solutions to our clients, knows about you engineers.

Hurdle of realizing our group management policy of “aiming to becoming a “reliable Best-Partner” for all clients” is really high. But if everyone would try to make an effort in the same direction, we can achieve this.

For those of you who belong to the offices which will hold this seminar after now, I wish that everyone will actively participate in this. By gathering together with fellow engineers, office manager, sales staff and administrative staff, I hope you will make this the “opportunity and place” for you to get know each other, share your concerns, and talk about future of yourself and Meitec.

February, 2015