Message from the President January.2015

a monthly magazine for our employee January.2015

To be a Year for Jump Forward

Happy New Year!
A new year, 2015, has started. Celebrating the New Year, I think that everyone is having a new hope and aspirations. I would like to thank that we can start this gentle New Year together.

Last year, the economy showed increases in recovery such as weaker yen and higher stock prices from an effect of Abenomics. But, considering such issues as the movement in the global economy and increase of the consumption tax, I think that we can say it is hard to say the actual economy in full recovery, and is not in a situation we can prejudge. At the major Japanese manufacturers who are our clients, not just only those who are receiving benefits from weaker yen and increased profits because of higher dependency on export, many of them are continuing invest in their research and development activities for the next generation, regardless of the short term business climate or the economic trend. As a result, we were able to advance our performances as our order environment, especially around the automotive related product sector, continues to be strong. But from our experiences of sudden change in the economic environment which might have jeopardized the existence of the company, we should assume that the business environment surrounding Meitec is in condition which may take major changes hereafter. And we should always continue our business with a sense of crisis awareness.

And as the job market is facing globalization, change of industrial structures, decreasing birth rate, aging population and unequal society, everyone is seeking for job satisfaction and happiness while fulfilling diversity of how to work, how to work up to the age of 65, and workplace for women. And for the companies that support the employment, in order to survive the global competition in the trend of the era, it is the era which the corporate strategy and human resources strategy for growth are to be challenged.

Our “Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014~2016” which started from April of 2014, the year of our 40th anniversary, will enter its second year this year. At the start of the mid-term management plan of the group, what I have been saying to all of you was that we will together build up “creation of continuous market value and sustainable growth of corporate group” according to our business policy of “create affluent career style of engineer together,” and “become “best partner” of the clients.” While we must pursuit profit as a company, it is our mission that we shall improve the five values continuously from the "Value to Engineers" as a starting point.

Also at the company's 40th anniversary event “Make Next Festa 2014” held on November 22nd, my message was “to be determined” in other word “have senses of ownership.”
Since the establishment of the company in 1974, as the group of professional engineer who are particular about the “People and Technology,” we have been brought up our colleagues, technology, and time of 40 years on Meitec, as a platform.
It is our mission that each one of us will continue to grow as a professional with the pride, self-confidence, and spirit, and to improve our market value by supporting each other. So our mission is that each one of us takes up the leading role to create next era.

I will set 2015 as a year which everyone will accelerate your growth and the company's growth and make the jump forward by working together as a whole company. And I hope that we can make the year which we can share the joy of achieving that.

At last, as my greeting for the New Year, I hope for your good health and your success for this year.

January, 2015